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Circle template pack
Anni has included instructions in the magazine to gather the circles around Mylar templates. As we have available the iron-on/leave in circle templates which we believe are a much easier way to do them perfectly the Plastic circles are not required if you are using the iron-ons. However we have them available for those who prefer this method. Each pack will include high heat resistant (up to 150 degrees) white template plastic circles in the following sizes: ( 1", 2", 2.25", 3", 5, 7.5") | The material used is heat resistant up to a temperature of approx 150 degrees. (medium on your iron) - so you can also use the starch and press method with these templates or you can press your gathering circle fabrics over the circle to set before removing the templates.
This includes one of each applique shape precision cut from our HNK applique paper - iron-on/leave in paper that makes for perfect and achievable results. No tracing, no cutting, no template plastic, no needleturning edges to a marked line. The simplest way to applique. Some of these applique shapes are quite small or thin and tricky so beginners especially will gain great assistance with a precision cut template pack. It does not include the circles and triangles required which are in the EPP set only.
This set includes | 1" circles x 42 | 2" circles x 5 | 2.25" circles x 5 | 3" circles x 9 | 5" circles x 4 | 7.5" circles x 3 | 3.25" large border triangles x 72 | 19 small isosceles triangles
Stitchery panel 26 x 68 cm on linnen for stitcheries on BOM2024 Sugar & Lollipops quilt. Finished quilt size 183cm x 183cm (72 inches x 72 inches).
2 skeins 369 brown. 1 skein each 894 charcoal, 372 aqua, 772 mustard, 2037 putty, 2317 green, 105 pink, 855 raspberry, 374 dark teal. Finished quilt size 183cm x 183cm (72 inches x 72 inches).
Set of 28 fatquarters (50 x 54cm) for the quilt Sunshine & Lollipops by Annie Downs, in Homespun magazine 2024. Magazine is NOT included. Finished quilt size 183cm x 183cm (72 inches x 72 inches).
Kitted in the Netherlands, in a box with all original Stitcheries, Cosmo threads, EP Templates, fabrics (28 fat quarters) and linen (3 meter), incl. Binding. Finished size quilt 72" x 72" (183 x 183 cm)
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