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Heirloom® Black is recommend for dark colored quilts. It is made the same way as the Premium 80/20, except black dyed cotton is used to provide quilters a dark batting that will not show through a dark quilt top. Shrinkage of 3-5% and may be quilted up to 4” apart.
Heirloom® 80/20 Bleached Cotton Batting is made with the same formula as Heirloom® 80/20 Premium cotton only the bleached (white) cotton is substituted for the unbleached cotton used in Heirloom® Premium. Quilters should find it quilts the same, shrinks about 3% and can be quilted up to 4” apart by hand or machine. For white or light colored quilts.
Reference card with batting samples and information on Hobbs batting styles.
Insul~Bright 45" x 40 yds ROT, heat resisting batting
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